Foundational principles

Naturopathy is a holistic health care system built upon six foundational principles that underpin the practice:

  • first, do no harm
  • find and treat the cause
  • nature has an innate healing power
  • treat the whole person
  • doctor as teacher
  • prevention

A naturopath will analyse the body to determine the root causes of any health conditions or lifestyle challenges. This includes an examination of past, present, family, lifestyle choices, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as any conditions of the skin, gut and hormones.

Required tests can then be undertaken to allow the practitioner to gather the full scope of your health and further determine the potential root cause of a condition, the treatment and preventatives. Naturopaths aim to empower you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve and proactively maintain your best possible health.

This form of health care is well suited to anyone at any stage of life, and can uncover dis-ease long before it becomes a diagnosable pathology. Naturopathy aims to treat both acute and chronic conditions, and can work alongside your GP or other health professionals using various modalities including herbal and nutritional medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice, and therapies such as massage.

Our Naturopaths

Caitlin Schuit

Naturopath and owner of Healing Arts Studio, Caitlin has extensive experience treating hundreds of patients over her many years consulting. Caitlin has a passion for:

• Women’s Health
• Gut Health
• Hormones
• Mental Health
• Stress
• Fatigue
• Preconception & Pregnancy
• Chronic Illness

Find out more about Caitlin here.

Clare Shuttle

Graduating from Endeavour College in 2020, Clare Shuttle has worked alongside Caitlin for many years and has been consulting at Healing Arts Studio since late 2020. Clare specialises in:

• The treatment of children
• Weight loss
• Digestive system support
• Detoxification
• Hormonal health for men and women.

Find out more about Clare here.