Mastitis Treatment

How do I know if I have a blocked milk duct or mastitis?

If you can feel a firm, sore lump in your breast/chest, and you feel well, it is likely you have a blocked milk duct.

You may have mastitis if you have the following symptoms with or without a lump:

  • Body ache, chills and fever; which may present before any other symptoms

  • Feeling unwell

  • Breast/Chest tenderness

  • Breast/Chest warmth to the touch

  • Redness of the breast/chest

  • Breast/Chest swelling

  • Nipple discharge


Mastitis or blocked milk ducts can affect anyone in the early postnatal phase or those who are breastfeeding in the postnatal phase. Changes in breastfeeding/chest-feeding patterns, missed feeds or clothing can contribute to your risk of developing mastitis.If blocked milk ducts are not treated, they may become mastitis. However, mastitis can occur without blockages.


It is important to treat Mastitis as quickly as possible. It will reduce the risk of an abscess forming, requiring further medical intervention. Using a combination of Therapeutic Ultrasound and specialised massage, early management with a trained physiotherapist can be very effective. Blocked ducts can also be treated this way, however you may find you are able to shift the blockage yourself with gentle massage, rest and feeding.


Nawal will teach you management options and how to self-massage in the event you feel it is reoccurring – and extensively educate you on the warning signs and symptoms that may require antibiotics. Warm pack or gentle massage before feeding, and a cool pack after feeding can be helpful. Avoid restrictive or tight clothing and feed as often as your baby needs. If you feel engorged, you may find it helpful to express a small amount of milk.

The practitioner

Nawal provides treatments for Mastitis and blocked milk ducts. She has been a physiotherapist for over 10 years and has been specialising in pelvic floor physiotherapy for over 5 years. She has undertaken copious amounts of study and continues her learning to enable her to provide the best services possible. She is incredibly competent, understanding and practical.