Acupuncture is a practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine using fine needles that are inserted shallowly into the skin at points all over the body. The points chosen by the practitioner are very specific and correspond to points along the meridians—or channels of vital energy flow—throughout the body. This allows vital energy (Qi) to flow and free blockages causing health conditions, injuries, or other stressors.

Cupping + Moxibustion

Other acupuncture techniques include moxibustion and cupping which increase blood flow to areas in need of attention. Acupuncturists work to restore balance and encourage the self healing abilities within our bodies. Acupuncture is well studied and proven effective in treating a variety of conditions.

As a modality at Healing Arts Studio, our acupuncture practitioners have a strong emphasis on women’s health and fertility. Our practitioners are passionate about assisting in preconception and providing ongoing support throughout your pregnancy journey.

Our Acupuncturists

Dr. Bree Bennetts

A proud Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and qualified Esoteric Acupuncture Practitioner, Bree Bennetts brings extensive knowledge and interest in women’s health and fertility to her treatments. Bree is passionate about support during fertility struggles and successes, as well as throughout a woman’s entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum phases.

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Dr. Angus Farrow

A qualified Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner, Angus focuses on treating digestive issues, insomnia, men’s health and women’s health, including gynaecology and fertility. Angus’s passion and commitment to health and wellbeing motivates him to treat and aid in the prevention of illnesses that are often neglected or presumed ‘normal’.

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