Caitlin Schuit

— Naturopathy

About Caitlin

Naturopath and owner of Healing Arts Studio, Caitlin Schuit holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is registered with NHAA (Naturopath & Herbalists Association of Australia). Caitlin began practising on Wright Street over five years ago, starting her own business in a small room in the upstairs building, before transforming Healing Arts Studio into a multidisciplinary clinic downstairs.

Caitlin’s goal for Healing Arts Studio is to provide a space for like-minded practitioners to collaborate and provide support to their community using the varied knowledge and experiences in their professions.

As a practitioner, Caitlin uses her extensive background and wisdom to provide her patients with a holistic health care service. Traditional naturopathic practices are integrated with modern biomedical research to create individualised treatment plans and sustainable lifestyle solutions for the needs of her clients. Specialising in skin conditions, gut health and hormones, Caitlin’s practices have helped hundreds of clients over the years.

Caitlin’s compassionate nature and genuine interest in each of her clients has led to her success with patient health, allowing her to expand her business and build Healing Arts Studio as you know it today.

“When I dropped out of studying a Medical Science degree 15 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that I would end up a herbal-medicine, bush-flower-remedy-loving naturopath.

It was through my own health struggles and a well timed medical science lecturer’s proclamation that ‘medicine is disease-management not health-care!’ that I seriously questioned my career aspirations and eventually found my passion in the traditional systems of medicine referred to collectively as ‘the healing arts’.

Healing Arts Studio is a truly integrative medicine clinic. As a naturopath, I rely heavily on standard and functional pathology testing and expert medical opinion to guide my treatment plans and ensure that our patients receive the best advice and care.

When prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner, herbal medicines, nutrition and lifestyle advice can (and does) work harmoniously alongside standard medical care.
I truly believe this is the future of medicine.

I look forward to supporting your health concerns and goals with a holistic approach and welcome you to Healing Arts Studio.”


– Caitlin Schuit