Nawal Church

— Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

About Nawal

Meet Nawal (She/Her)

A lover of live music, festivals of any kind, wine with a view and the beach. Sci-Fi and Horror are her movie vibes, and she is always looking for the next opportunity to have a boogie on a dance floor. As a mum of 2, her days are balanced in being a passionate parent, partner, friend, and pelvic & reproductive health physiotherapist.

Founder, Self Physiotherapy


A physiotherapist for almost 10 years, I was inspired to gain a deeper understanding of pelvic and reproductive health over 7 years ago after the conception of my first child. I have now been working in this area for over 5 years.


My drive allows me to continuously exceed patient expectations and deliver the highest quality level of care. I am passionate about education, where I aim to empower people to feel autonomous and self-confident in the decisions about their body. I work closely with a collection of specialised health practitioners and, through continued education, ensure my clients are provided with the most up to date, evidence based, physiotherapy advice and management available for pelvic and reproductive health concerns.


My greatest attributes as a physiotherapist are my passion, drive, and attention to detail. I am empathetic, compassionate, and inclusive, providing a safe space free of judgement.


Your self is a unique self, and your concerns are unique to you.


My skills are found in the treatment and management of:

  • Sexual dysfunction and Penetrative pain,
  • Vaginal/anal pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Bladder & Bowel dysfunctions and control
  • Pelvic organ prolapse and vaginal heaviness
  • Pessary fitting and management
  • Prenatal pelvic girdle and musculoskeletal pain
  • Abdominal muscle separation and referral
  • Mastitis & milk duct blockages
  • Perineal and caesarean (Birthing) trauma scar