Prenatal Yoga

Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy is a beautiful way to prepare your body and mind for not just the birth, but also for your journey into motherhood.

Small group prenatal yoga classes are held weekly at Healing Arts Studio. A smaller, more intimate class allows you to relax and feel nurtured, knowing that you will receive the attention that you need.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy. Some findings of recent research suggest that prenatal yoga may:

  • Reduce pelvic pain
  • Decrease pain at the delivery
  • Decrease stress by lowering cortisol levels(lower cortisol levels are needed to go into labour naturally)
  • Improve mood and positive thinking
  • Increase the confidence of pregnant women from labour into the postpartum period
  • Improve perinatal outcomes (obstetrical complications, delivery time, etc.)
  • Decreased depression and anxiety

Join Dr Kimberley Garrard as she guides you through a nourishing and gentle hatha yoga class, suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Every Saturday Morning at 8:00AM

The one hour classes run each Saturday at 8:00AM.

Session packs are available in clinic or you can join the class as a casual visit and pay as you like.

To gain the most benefits and to better support you it is recommended to practice regularly.

All equipment is provided.

Our Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Dr. Kimberley Garrard

Kimberley is passionate about women’s health, pregnancy and helping her clients feel the best in their bodies. A chiropractor and yoga teacher, Kimberley utilises her experience and knowledge to provide a holistic approach to healthcare.

Find out more about Kim here.