Lymphatic Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy

At Healing Arts Studio, Lymphatic Therapy aims to help those who experience lymphatic issues and improving the function of their lymphatic system to lead to better overall health and wellbeing. Kylie Bradley utilises a number of techniques and protocols to assist with Lymphatic Health at Healing Arts Studio. Honing in on a few key areas, Kylie has devised her treatments to focus on specific aspects that can impact lymphatic health to create a personalised care plan for treatments.

These areas are:

  • Lymphoedema  Management;
  • Pre + Post Operation Care;
  • Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare; and
  • Health + Wellbeing



What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is comprised of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in a network across the entire body. Part of your body’s immune system, the lymphatic system helps to fight infections as well remove excess fluid, toxins and other waste material from the body often described as the body’s “garbage disposal”. The system is important to maintain as it directly impacts your overall health. Complication or excess fluid build-up in your lymphatic system can lead to pain and discomfort if not treated.

A number of events can impact the health of your lymphatic system including cancer, surgeries as well as general health and lifestyle.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

One of the most popular elements of lymphatic therapy is lymphatic drainage massage.Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage treatment using light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph, reducing and draining toxins from the body.  This technique is often utilised to assist those in the recovery process of medical procedures, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cosmetic surgeries, where fluid retention is a common post procedure result. Excess fluid build-up can lead to pain and discomfort due the internal compression that it can cause. Lymphatic drainage massage can help to reduce this fluid retention by encouraging the movement of lymphatic fluid, as well as decrease the post-surgery pain, and support the body’s healing process.


Many experience subtle benefits such as improved skin texture, as the technique works to reduce swelling and puffiness, whilst others experience the healing of scar tissue, or relief in symptoms associated with Lymphedema, Fibromyalgia, Edema, skin disorders, fatigue, insomnia, stress, and digestive problems. For those with long-term lymphatic issues, incorporating regular consultations is a valuable inclusion to your routine to help maintain lymph flow, your condition and enhance your daily comfort levels.


Nutrition plays a major role in the health of the lymphatic system. Due to this nutrition is usually incorporated into all of the treatments under Lymphatic Health. Whether it be diet plans to general lifestyle advice, Kylie Bradley emphasises the importance nutrition has on overall health and lymphatic health, using her knowledge from consulting and nutrition and dietetics health science background.

SOZO Assessments

As part of Lymphatic Therapy treatments a SOZO Bioimpedance Spectroscopy assessment is conducted. SOZO is a device used to measure fluid status and body composition. From these results, the treatments success and improvements can be developed as your practitioner receives a more in depth view of the care. The non-invasive machine provides data in a less than 30 second reading, including:

  • L-Dex lymphedema analysis
  • Total body water
  • Extracellular fluid
  • Intracellular fluid
  • Fat-free mass
  • Fat mass
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Protein and minerals
  • Body mass index


and more.

The SOZO is used alongside treatments, or can be booked more casually for personal assessment of health progress and goals.

Our Lymphatic Therapists

Kylie Bradley

From personal health experience, Kylie Bradley is passionate about lymphatic health and helping those with lymphatic issues. With an extensive health background including a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine & Dietetics) and Diploma of Remedial Massage, Kylie is also a certified health coach.

Find out more about Kylie here.

Kirsty Kirkland

Kirsty has over 20 years of experience in both hospital and community settings. She has worked in several different countries and across all age ranges. Family experiences of going through cancer treatment and living with chronic disease have shaped her current treatment philosophy of providing gentle, nurturing physiotherapy & rehabilitation.

Her focus is on supporting people who have health challenges and are trying to navigate their way through and post medical treatment while maintaining their quality of life.

Kirsty’s experience has given her a strong knowledge base to provide the specific skills need to manage complex health conditions, additionally she has completed advanced training including a Postgraduate Certificate in Rehabilitation, Accreditation as a Decongestive Lymphatic Therapist, and certification in Cancer Rehabilitation.


Kirsty has a particular interest in scar tissue management and the improvements that can be made in body movement and sensation for clients with scars. Kirsty can provide low level laser therapy as an adjunct to her lymphatic and scar therapy sessions.